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Nitrile Examination Gloves


Mediteq’s Nitrile Plus Examination Glove is designed with end users in mind. Our manufacturers advanced technology and research has facilitated the creation of a lightweight film of nitrile that provides reliable, robust protection to end users. Whilst other products might feel like a ‘second skin’, this technical marvel provides the feeling of having barely anything on the hand, further enhancing tactile sensitivity.

Nitrile Plus Examination Glove series are tested against 29 chemotherapy drugs according to ASTM D6978, which presently is the most stringent test method for protective gloves against chemical permeation. No permeation up to 240 minutes when the gloves were tested in accordance to ASTM D6978.

Mediteq’s Nitrile Plus Examination Gloves also provides the most efficient use of resources, decreasing the waste of material per piece to an absolute minimum. With its improved design and related wall thickness, the product remains soft and flexible, whilst still
reaching examination gloves chemical protection
requirements and tensile strength performance for European standards. This solution provides the current state of the art of glove designing and combines
decades of experience with the hunt for innovation.

Our Nitrile examination gloves offer added value to users in term of “comfort & elastic feeling” as well enhanced protection against chemicals, and have been tested for:

EN 455

EN 374

ASTM 6978

NitrilePlus Examination Glove Mediteq Healthcare Solutions
NitrilePlus Examination Glove Mediteq Healthcare Solutions
NitrilePlus Examination Glove Mediteq Healthcare Solutions
Mediteq Healthcare Solutions

100% Renewable Energy

Mediteq Healthcare Solutions


A replenish-able energy source as biomass energy is derived from plant materials and organic waste

Mediteq Healthcare Solutions


Lower greenhouse gas emission arising from the reduced fossil fuel reliance

Mediteq Healthcare Solutions


Lower production and transportation costs as energy can be sourced from nearby locations

  • Single wall thickness (finger) typical value 3.1 mil (0.12 mm)

  • Latex protein free

  • Efficient and easy donning

  • 300 mm length (median)

  • Great protection against viral penetration & chemical permeation

  • Food contact compliance

NitrilePlus Examination Glove Mediteq Healthcare Solutions
  • Micro texture at
    fingertip precise grip

  • Great comfort & flexibility

  • Powder Free




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