Medogesic Ethyl Chloride

Medogesic Ethyl Chloride

A fast-acting hypoallergenic spray that rapidly provides transient topical analgesia for minor invasive procedures, such as intramuscular and subcutaneous injections.

Medogesic Ethyl Chloride is also indicated for sports injuries, chiropody, muscle cramps, muscle pain, tennis elbow or articular ligament pain.

Ethyl chloride acts as an effective local analgesic when sprayed on the skin, by making the skin cold and less sensitive as it evaporates. It works in seconds, but the effect wears off quickly as the skin regains its normal temperature.

Two presentations are available:

Fine spray (100ml cans) For children and needle-phobic adults prior to injection, particularly those who are allergic to other topical anaesthetics and analgesic gels, or are distressed while waiting for analgesic gels to take effect.
Order code Medogesic Fine Spray: 281394

Direct stream (100ml can) For pinpoint application, often in obstetrics and gynaecology, to check nerve block during epidural and minor surgery, such as wart and tick removal or body piercings.
Order Code Medogesic Direct Stream: 281400

Both products are CE marked, with cans of plated tin (not aluminium) to comply with British Pharmacopoeia standards on storage and usage.