Guardian Hand Hygiene Range - Including Foaming Alcohol Free Hand Rub


Guardian Hand Hygiene Range

Based upon a unique polymer, surfactant and biocide dispersed in water.

The unique cationic polymer used in the formulation of the Guardian products has several significant properties.

Firstly, it has long chain & large molecular structures which create a very strong bond to almost any type of surface including the hands. The strong bond means that even with mechanical impact or by rinsing with water, the polymer adheres to the surface and provides protection.

Secondly, it creates a strong positive charge on the surface of the hands.

Microorganisms are negative in charge and are therefore strongly attracted to the positive charge on the hands provided by the Guardian Hand Rub. Thirdly, the cationic polymer interacts with the bio active material used in the formulation to disinfect and the polymer creates a synergistic effect that greatly enhances the efficiency of the bio active material.

The polymer is very tough & will  withstand very humid conditions and even high temperatures.


  • Guardian Soap 800mls – foaming soap for routine hand washing
  • Guardian Hand Rub 50mls, 600mls & 800mls – foaming hand rub for routine hand disinfection
  • Guardian Disinfectant Scrub 600mls – foaming scrub for use pre-operatively or prior to aseptic technique
  • Range of dispensers available

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