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CliniCoat ®

A durable, non-toxic, broad spectrum bonded antimicrobial surface treatment that destroys microbes on impact.

A single application provides a persistent antimicrobial barrier on all types of hard surfaces, irrespective of porosity. CliniCoat maintains it effectiveness over time because microorganisms are unable to build up resistance to its unique Self Sanitising Technology (SST). Being chemically stable, CliniCoat is and does not leach or evaporate over time and poses no exposure hazard – it is even approved for use in food contact services. CliniCoat comprises a polymer base and a long chain of positively charged siloxene molecules. The silane base forms a permanent covalent bond to the surface and ionically attracts bacteria, which it destroys by compromising the cellular membrane. Designed to complement traditional cleaning processes, CliniCoat provides a sustainable and persistent antimicrobial technology after cleaning and disinfection. CliniCoat’s revolutionary Self Sanitising Technology helps to prevent microbial growth and environmental contamination, and works as well in real life as it does in the laboratory.

CliniCoat comprises two sections: a polymer base and a long chain of positively charged siloxene molecules. Similarly, microorganisms are negatively charged. Through ionic attraction (oppositely charged), microbes are drawn onto the surface treated with CliniCoat. Upon contact, the methylene group of long chained molecules of the CliniCoat coating penetrate and compromise the cellular membrane. As a result of hydrostatic pressure within the cell, the microorganism literally bursts & is destroyed. In summary the positively charged Clinicoat surface attracts & destroys the negatively charged microbes.

CliniCoat is an EPA registered product and it is internationally tested to ASTM E1054, G21, G22, E1428 and D3273-00 standards.

It is also a European CE marked product

CliniCoat is proven over 30 years and manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001:2008 and IAW Biocide Products Directive (EC 98/8)

CliniCoat Self Sanitising Technology Service

The Mediteq customer services team assesses initial site requirements and provides all details to our Operations Team. Once on site, our specialist Decontamination Team carries out cleanliness audits, safety checks and final preparations within the area to be treated. After decontamination using Diosol, the area is reassessed and prepared for the application of CliniCoat. Every stage of both the Hydrogen Peroxide & Self Sanitising Nebulisations are documented with comprehensive checks, tests and reports.

Our Nationwide service is available 24/7/365.

Out of hours our office number diverts to a member of the Operations Team, who will be delighted to assist you and ensure a team are deployed to your site immediately.